Binance Review 2021: A Brutally Honest Review

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In this youtube video, you will be going over a review of Binance by Tech WaterHD and going over everything you need to know about the exchange. Sign Up For A FREE Binance Account Instantly Here:

Linux kernel 5.15: NTFS support has significantly improved

A new NTFS patch for the Linux kernel is on its way, providing much-needed relief to Linux system administrators everywhere. Linus Torvalds had a few words to say about it. For quite some time, the Linux kernel has included NTFS support. Working with NTFS filesystems on Linux, on the other hand, has been a bit … Read more

With the Nimbella acquisition, DigitalOcean expands its serverless capabilities

Serverless solutions, which allow developers to write code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure required to run their applications, are becoming increasingly popular as developers look for ways to simplify creating software. DigitalOcean announced today that it had acquired serverless startup Nimbella to expand its existing offering in this space. The companies did not disclose the terms … Read more

Inspiring! Crypto fraud cases avoided by 7-Eleven employees

Crypto fraud culprits are busted by 7 eleven employees

Japanese police have given special prizes to convenience store owners and employees who prevented crypto fraud. Officers in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, delivered special letters of appreciation to Katsuya Fujiwara, 54, and his 51-year-old wife Kiyomi, co-owners of a 7-Eleven outlet in the town, according to Ryuku Shimpo. Officers told reporters that on May 23 of … Read more

IBM’s president, Jim Whitehurst, has resigned

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Jim Whitehurst, who joined IBM as part of the Red Hat acquisition, revealed today that he will be stepping down as company president barely 14 months after taking the job. IBM didn’t elaborate on why he was stepping down, but he did acknowledge his role in bringing the $34 billion Red Hat merger to fruition … Read more

Linode Referral Link

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I have been using Linode for cloud deployment for some time and I am pretty satisfied with it. If you sign up using my referral code below, you’ll receive a credit of $20.00, so long as you remain an active customer for 90 days and spend a minimum of $15.

Unpatched Apple macOS Vulnerability Lets Malicious Apps Run — What You Need To Know

Source: Forbes Getty AppleInsider reports that a vulnerability first disclosed to Apple three months ago remains unpatched, and now the security researcher who found it has gone public. Filippo Cavallarin has published details of how the vulnerability enables a user to be tricked into running malicious applications, bypassing the Gatekeeper function in the process. Gatekeeper … Read more