Travel Restrictions in China Mainland, HK, Macao and Taiwan

This page lists the travel restrictions in Greater China Region: China Mainland, Hong Kong S.A.R, Macao S.A.R, and Taiwan as specified by the UK’s Foreign travel advice.

RegionDetailed Regulations
Mainland ChinaVisa Requirements (from 8 January 2023):
Visa-free transit and airside transiting have resumed. All travelers entering China must comply in full with entry requirements; there are no exemptions to this.

COVID-19 Entry Requirements (from 1 November 2023):
China’s Customs authority has declared the elimination of the prerequisite for the China Health Declaration Form for those traversing China’s borders.
Hong Kong S.A.R.– Travelers do not need to be fully vaccinated, or show proof of vaccination to enter Hong Kong.
– Hong Kong does not require travelers to provide a negative Covid-19 test result to enter the SAR, regardless of vaccination status.
– All travelers must pass temperature checks upon arrival.
– The Hong Kong Government continues to advise all inbound travelers to conduct daily rapid antigen tests from the day of arrival into Hong Kong (that is, Day 0) and Day 5 after arrival.
– If you test positive for COVID-19, you are no longer required to isolate, however please refer to the latest guidance issued by the Hong Kong SAR Government on how to minimize the spread of Covid-19.
Macau S.A.R.– Macao does not require travelers to provide a negative Covid-19 test result to enter the SAR, regardless of their vaccination status.
– If you wish to travel to Mainland China within seven days of your arrival into Macao and arrived from most overseas countries, you must provide a negative nucleic acid test result for COVID-19 taken no more than 48 hours prior to departure. Further details can be found on the Macao SAR Government webpage.
– Inbound travelers do not need to provide proof of vaccination before boarding transport to Macao.
Taiwan– International arrivals in Taiwan will be expected to observe a 7 day “self-initiated epidemic prevention” period.
– The authorities will no longer provide a free self-administered rapid COVID-19 test kit for international arrivals. Rapid test kits can still be purchased locally if required. You will only need to take a rapid test if you develop symptoms during your 7 day self-initiated epidemic prevention period.
– Passengers arriving in Taiwan from overseas are permitted to take public transport from the airport.
– You are allowed to leave your accommodation at any time, without needing to take a COVID-19 rapid test during your 7 day self-initiated epidemic prevention period. But you should wear a mask while outside of your accommodation.
– You should refer to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or contact their helpline on 1922 for further information.
Source: Foreign travel advice UK