How to update your Chinese Driver’s license when your passport number has changed?

On a previous post, I have highlighted the process to renew your Chinese driver’s license once it expired but this post is related to how to update the license when your personal info has changed.

If you meet any of the following conditions then go ahead to read the rest of this article:

  • Applied or have their driver’s license issued with the old passport number and now have a new passport number.
  • Registered address (within Shanghai) on the driver’s license has changed. I am not covering here the change of address from one Chinese city to another.

I am hereby highlighting the process I followed (and worked) but first make sure you have the following documents in hand:

– Current passport and copy of the identification page
– Old passport and copy (if you have applied for the old driver license with the old passport)
– Temporary residence registration form and copy

The process is as follows:

– When you arrive to the location go to Building 10 to pay and get your pictures taken:queue up at the window where the staff will ask to see both your old and new passport, current driver license and temporary residence form then pay 25 RMB, a form for change in driver’s license will be filled for you and you can collect it later.

– In the same building, go into the room to take the pictures

– Go to building 9 to pick up the newly taken pictures along with the printed form for change in driver’s license.

-Final step is to go to building 1 at the counter to show all the papers to get a number and wait to be called to one of the desks to submit everything

– Once done, go to the second floor to pay the 10 RMB handling fee then downstairs to pick up your new license.

Et voila! You now have a new license with updated information.