How to setup a PayPal account in China?

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Digital Yuan: China Healthcare, Energy Firms Allow CBDC Pay

DCEP available In Shenzhen

China’s health care and energy providers will allow patients and customers to pay with the digital yuan, in new breakthroughs for the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). According to Chinese media outlet WXRB, outpatients and hospitalized mental health patients can now use CBDC to pay for medical treatment. Deposits, medicines, and hospitalization fees can … Read more

Flights to China from Afghanistan: direct routes resumed after 3 years

The Taliban announced the resumption of direct flights to China from Afghanistan after a three-year gap, saying this would help boost bilateral economic and political relations. The first weekly passenger flight of domestic carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines left Kabul on Wednesday in Urumqi, the capital of the western Chinese border province of Xinjiang. Flight operations … Read more

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The Rise of Chinese Tech Giants: Breaking Barriers

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10 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Trip to China

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How To Find Halal Food In China?

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Flights to China from UK: Hainan Airlines returns direct flights between Edinburgh and China

Hainan Airlines will increase its list of Flights to China from UK by operating flights twice a week from Scotland’s busiest airport to Beijing from June 26 to October 8. The flights’ schedule is as follows: Route Flight Date of the flight to China Edinburgh——–>Beijing Hainan AirlinesHU408 Mondays & Fridays(Starting June 26, 2023) The last … Read more