Significant changes to United’s list of flights to China from USA

The list of flights to China from USA by United Airlines has undergone a substantial number of alterations. The airline had planned to relaunch a number of routes to the Asian nation in October, but that is no longer the case. San Francisco to Shanghai is the only Chinese route still on United’s October timetable. … Read more

Tax Exemption for Foreigners Extended to 2027


Positive news For a further two years, through December 31, 2027, foreign workers in China may continue to benefit from tax exemption on eight categories of fringe benefits, including rent, child-related expenses, and language-learning expenses. The following is the policy on individual income tax on subsidies for foreign individuals, which will help reduce the tax … Read more

China Eastern to serve flights to China from Turkey

On September 28, China Eastern Airlines will add a new route to the list of flights to China from Turkey by introducing a direct flight route between Shanghai and Istanbul. This will be the first time a Chinese airliner operates a direct route between the two cities. Only Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, … Read more

Air China to increase flights to China from USA

The US Department of Transportation has officially approved additional flights to China from USA by Air China starting September 1. The weekly flights schedule by Air China would be as follows: Route Flight Date Los Angeles——–>Beijing Air ChinaCA988 SundaysFridays & Sundays (Starting Sep 1, 2023) New York——–>Beijing Air ChinaCA982 SundaysThursdays & Sundays (Starting Sep 1, … Read more

China E-Channel: An Application Guide at Chinese Airports

China e-channel

In an exciting development for international travelers, the China E-Channel program offers a convenient way to bypass lengthy immigration queues at the airport, especially beneficial for frequent travelers with a Z visa. This initiative, opened to foreigners in 2016, has gained prominence shortly after China introduced a 144-hour visa-free transit for foreigners from 51 countries. … Read more

How to Open a Hong Kong Bank Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Hong Kong

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of opening a Hong Kong bank account. With its strategic location, robust financial system, and favorable business environment, Hong Kong has emerged as a leading global financial hub. Whether you are an individual or a business entity, having a Hong Kong bank account … Read more

US carriers to increase flights to China from USA

Three major U.S. airlines have announced intentions to increase the number of flights to China from USA later this year in reaction to reports that the U.S. and China had reached a bilateral deal to double the number of weekly flights that are allowed between the two countries. American Airlines In January, American Airlines plans … Read more