Exit-entry services help for elderly people

Source: SHINE

Photo: SHINE

Senior residents in Shanghai, Chinese and foreigners alike, will enjoy more convenient exit-entry services in the future, Shanghai police said on Wednesday.

Among other benefits, they will be served at special windows with staff standing by to help.

They won’t have to make appointments online and can call 021-28951900 for consultation and reservation.

Elderly people who don’t use smartphones won’t be required to show digital health codes and instead show their ID documents at the entrance and register their addresses with their temperatures taken, police said.

The service centers will have reading glasses, umbrellas, wheelchairs, and first-aid kits if needed.

China’s National Immigration Administration ordered the nationwide improvement of exit-entry services for the elderly population on Tuesday to bridge the “digital divide” with younger people.

The new measures will start to be provided from April 1 across the country.

Residents entitled to the benefits are those above 60 years old, Shanghai’s exit-entry administration said.