Suzhou Dao 苏州到: Foreigners can now check their nucleic acid test records and results

苏州到 App

On February 19, the mobile APP 苏州到 “Suzhou Dao” launched a new function that allows foreigners to query nucleic acid test records and results.

This follows a similar move made by Tianjin to its foreign residents.

If you do have the mobile app yet, you can download it from the official site as follows:

After installing the app, you may follow the steps below:

  • On the Home page, scroll down to “外籍人士专区 Service for foreigners“:
  • Once the menu shows up, you can select your preferred language from the top right corner. Currently, the app only supports English, Japanese and Korean languages:
  • Click on “Nucleic Acid Testing“:
  • From there, type in your passport number then select one of the options below:
    • Check your nucleic acid testing records
    • Check your nucleic acid testing results

Note: The records and test results are, at the moment, only available for the nucleic acid tests taken within the last 7 days.