Venue code “场所码” required to enter public venues from April 5

It has been announced on 上海发布 that starting from April 5, rather than just showing their health codes, all citizens must scan a digital code called “Venue code” or 场所码 in Chinese to register at the entrances of all public venues, including but not limited to schools, residential communities, offices, supermarkets, cinemas, etc.

The digital code will be provided by the sites and placed in a clear area at the entrance so that citizens can scan it and sign up.

Citizens may scan the code using ‘随 身 办’, WeChat or Alipay. They can also have field staff scan their health codes instead, or have their ID cards checked.

Those who have not verified will not be allowed into the place. Those who refuse to collaborate on disease prevention work will be held accountable for their behaviours.