Hong Kong New Quarantine Policy and How it affects the Transit to China Mainland

This is a follow-up post to explain how the new Hong Kong quarantine policy will affect travelers who want to continue their journeys to China Mainland.

Hong Kong

At a press conference, The Chief Executive of Hong Kong John Lee announced that inbound travelers from overseas and Taiwan region coming to Hong Kong will be subject to a “0+3” quarantine arrangement in replacement of the existing “3+4” that will be abolished.

Hotel isolation would only require 3 days of medical supervision at home, and it will be effective from September 26.

Transfer from Hong Kong to Mainland Official Policy

  1. After arriving in Hong Kong, you must stay there for three days, and then you can enter the Mainland on the fourth day (be it via air or land). You can NOT transit directly from Hong Kong to China Mainland after coming from overseas.
  2. The new policy of Hong Kong starts on September 26 at 6:00 AM and not midnight: so pay attention to the arrival time of the flight in order to know if you would fall under the old or the new policy.
  3. You no longer have to book a mandatory quarantine hotel.