Verification Letter of Invitation for China Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

Verification Letter of Invitation for China Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

When planning a business or trade trip to China, obtaining the correct visa is crucial. One essential document that can significantly impact your visa application is the Verification Letter of Invitation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what this letter is, and the detailed process of obtaining one.

What Is a Verification Letter of Invitation?

The invitation verification form is a an official document issued by the local Foreign Affairs Office that Chinese firms must provide to their clients when they are applying for an M or F visa.

Who Qualifies for a Verification Letter of Invitation?

Several business purposes warrant the need for this letter:

  • Trade Partners and Business Clients: If you’re engaging in business-related activities, such as meetings, negotiations, or exploring trade opportunities, a Verification Letter of Invitation is essential.
  • Trade Fairs and Conferences: If you’re attending trade fairs, conferences, or exhibitions in China, the invitation letter facilitates your participation.

Detailed Process of Obtaining a Verification Letter of Invitation

The Inviting company in China and and the invitee must follow these steps meticulously:

  1. Documents gathering & Request the Invitation Letter:
    • The inviting unit must prepare the needed materials in detail and accurately in accordance with the requirements. The invitation letter application template can be obtained from the local foreign affairs office.
    • Contact the local foreign affairs office or service center, submit your application paperwork, and then await the department’s preliminary evaluation and approval.
  2. Review & Approval Stage
    • The local foreign affairs office normally completes the assessment and acceptance of materials submitted by the company within a few working days of submission, during which time the company must cooperate in the review and inspection.
    • After receiving approval from the local foreign affairs office, submit all of the above paperwork to the municipal foreign affairs office. The Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will perform another evaluation based on the company’s current position, and then complete the “Invitation Confirmation Letter” and submit it to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for review.
    • After receiving the submitted papers, the provincial foreign affairs office will evaluate and confirm them within the specified working days, and then issue an invitation verification form confirmation letter, which will be returned to the municipal foreign affairs office.
  3. Collecting the letter:
    • The company handling the invitation verification form should collect the original “Invitation Verification Form Confirmation Form” from the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and hand it over to the visa applicant by mail or fax for their convenience when applying for a visa.
  4. Submit The Visa Application:
    • Compile all necessary documents, including the Verification Letter of Invitation and a invitation letter.
    • Provide any additional supporting documents required by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
    • Submit your application to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and pay the visa fee.


The Verification Letter of Invitation is your gateway to a successful China visa application. If you’re attending business meetings, trades, or conferences, understanding the process and adhering to the guidelines is crucial.

Remember, each detail matters when it comes to securing your visa. With this guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the complexities and embark on your Chinese trip! ✈️

For official templates and more information, visit the website of the local foreign affairs office.