New law mandates helmets for e-bike riders

Source: SHINE

E-bike riders in Shanghai will be required to wear safety helmets beginning on May 1 when the city’s new regulation on non-motor vehicles takes effect.

The new law was passed in the city’s legislature today.

Those caught riding without helmets face a warning or will be fined 20 (US$3) to 50 yuan.

People riding on the back seats of e-bikes are also required to wear helmets.

Chen Zhen, vice director of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said police would encourage e-bike dealerships and license plate application centers to offer riders free helmets.

Research shows wearing helmets significantly reduces serious injuries in e-bike accidents.

The new law also prohibits users of non-motor vehicles — including bikes and e-bikes — from holding phones and other digital devices and pulling animals while riding.

In line with national traffic laws, riders must slow down when passing zebra crossings and stop when people are crossing streets on a crosswalk.

E-bike riders must also turn on their lights at night and during bad weather and refrain from honking their horns for long periods of time.

The new law also addresses illegal e-bike charging in residential complexes and rampant traffic violations from e-bike delivery people. It requires city and district governments to increase funding for the construction or renovation of e-bike parking spaces in existing residential complexes.

Delivery businesses with employees using e-bikes face fines of 100,000 to 500,000 yuan if their employees are assigned major or full responsibility for traffic accidents involving casualties and can even be ordered to suspend their businesses.