Two flights suspended and one penalized

Cancelled Flights

For an overview of all the suspended flights, please visit this page here.

On June 18, the Civil Aviation Administration announced a suspension against two international flights:

  • Cambodia Angkor Air’s flight K6668 from Phnom Penh to Guangzhou.
  • Aeroflot’s flight SU208 from Moscow to Shanghai

On June 3, six passengers on flight K6668 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

On June 11, five passengers on flight SU208 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

As a result, K6668 and SU208 will be suspended for two weeks starting June 21.

The Civil Aviation Administration also issued a passenger load factor control against Kenya Airways’ flight KQ882 from Nairobi to Guangzhou

On June 5, five passengers on flight KQ882 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

As a result, starting June 21, flight KQ882 will be restricted to operate at a load factor of no more than 40% for 4 weeks.

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