How to apply for the “International Vaccine Passport” in China?

International Vaccine Passport with WHO logo
International Vaccine Passport with WHO logo

A lot of foreigners have been asking how to apply for the International Vaccine Passport within China, for the purpose of travel when the borders open.

There has been news on WeChat that foreigners can get an international vaccine passport with a COVID vaccine record in China but after investigation, it has been determined that this particular vaccine certificate is not available in most cities with the exception of Dongguan so we will cover two scenarios here on how to obtain this document.

Case 1: If you are located in Dongguan and had your vaccination there

All that is needed is to simply gather the necessary documentation and submit it to the International Travel Health Center to apply for the yellow booklet.

Your photo, name, and personal information, as well as the dates and brand of vaccine you received, will all be included on the Vaccine Certificate.

Please note that you need to take the COVID vaccine shots at the International Travel Health Center to get the booklet! If you have taken the vaccine shots at a hospital then you will need to skip this part and move to Case 2.

In order to apply for the vaccine passport, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Vaccination certificate.
  • Two ID Photos

Cost: 60 RMB and it will look as below:

International Vaccine Passport issued by China
International Vaccine Passport issued by China

Case 2: If you are not located in Dongguan or had your vaccination elsewhere

This is the most common scenario at the moment and here is how I got my international vaccine passport in Shanghai where I had my COVID vaccine shots at the Shanghai East International Hospital.

First, you need to order an International Vaccine Passport out of Amazon and have it shipped to you in China.

I am hereby attaching a link to the International Vaccine Passport that I personally ordered from Amazon Germany, and was accepted by the hospital:

Click on the image above to direct you to order on

The vaccine passport delivery took about two weeks.

Once the vaccine passport has been delivered, you just need to take it along with your COVID vaccine certificate to the hospital where you got your vaccine shots.

You can fill in the COVID-19 sheet located on page 20 by yourself according to your vaccine certificate and give it to the hospital staff to stamp it as shown below:

COVID-19 Vaccination Records
COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Total cost: At the time of publishing, about 100 RMB for the vaccine passport order and shipment, and 0 RMB for the stamp.

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