Arrest of a woman in Yangzhou for coronavirus spreading

Chinese Police

On July 29, police apprehended a 64-year-old lady with the surname Mao for allegedly spreading the coronavirus, impeding the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, according to Yangzhou Police.

Yangzhou Police Official Statement

Mao, a Nanjing Jiangning resident, departed her home without permission on July 21, despite the fact that it had been subject to closure management procedures. She then took a bus to Yangzhou, where she stayed with her 70-year-old sister. Since then, her sibling has been diagnosed.

She didn’t tell anyone about her Nanjing sojourn between July 21 and July 27.

Mao was also known to visit packed restaurants and chess rooms.

Tracks of Mao and her sister from July 21 to July 22:

  1. Mao had gone to play cards in a chess chamber in the Qiunan Yuan Sijiyuan Subdivision.
  2. On July 21, Mao’s sister went to play cards at the Hongyuan Chess Room on Shi Kefa East Road.

The disease spreads throughout Yangzhou as a result of her acts.

On July 29, Yangzhou reported four verified local cases, all of which were linked to Mao’s visit to the chess chamber inside Qiunan Yuan between July 21 and 24.

Following that, the activity trajectories of a number of confirmed cases revealed that they had visited both the Qiunan Yuan chess room and the Hongyuan Chess Room.

Between July 28 and August 1, Yangzhou reported 54 local confirmed cases, of which 39 had played cards in the chess room inside Qiunan Yuan or the Hongyuan Chess Room, 1 had worked in the chess room inside Qiunan Yuan, and 3 had visited other chess rooms to play cards.