Putian returns to a low-risk area and lifts all lockdowns

Putian returns to a low-risk area and lifts all lockdowns

After clearing all medium- and high-risk zones in the city of Putian in east China’s Fujian Province, life in the city resumed on Thursday after a coronavirus resurgence associated with the Delta variant began in the city in early September and spread throughout the region.

On September 15, mass nucleic acid testing is conducted in Putian, Fujian Province. Photo: VCG

Since six people tested positive for COVID-19 on September 10, the city, which has a population of 3 million people, has reported an accumulated total of 205 local confirmed illnesses and three asymptomatic carriers as of September 25, according to the city’s health department. On Thursday, the city announced that it had not reported a new local infection for 12 days in a row, with the most recent case discovered at a medical observation center.

The normalcy of life will gradually return. Tourist sites and public venues will reopen with order on Thursday, and production and operations will continue in an organized manner. Medical services will also resume in an ordered manner, with all lockdowns in the city having been lifted.

Following the country’s first school-centered flare-up, the city will restart in-person education on Monday, with children being arranged into groups to return to school in small groups throughout the day.

All traffic checkpoints in the lockdown, control, and prevention zones around the city were removed as early as October 2 during the National Day holidays, and all epidemic checkpoints at the entrances and exits of highways in the city were removed as early as October 4 during the National Day holidays.