Attention! Updates on Shanghai’s New COVID Prevention Policy!

Attention! Updates on Shanghai’s New COVID Prevention Policy!

On November 7, the Shanghai Municipal Leading Group office for epidemic prevention and control released information, stating that COVID prevention policy measures have been updated to further improve management of personnel arriving from high-risk areas to Shanghai personnel health management.

Report travel outside Shanghai

Within 12 hours of arriving in Shanghai, all individuals returning from or passing through high-risk and medium-risk areas of the domestic outbreak should report to their village committee and unit (or hotel).

Quarantine regulations

  1. All individuals entering or leaving high-risk locations must be placed in centralized isolation for 14 days and must pass four nucleic acid tests.
  2. All people living in or passing through medium-risk locations must adhere to a 14-day community health management plan and undergo two nucleic acid tests. It is recommended that you do not leave the house during the monitoring period unless it is an emergency. Outside, masks will be required. They are also forbidden from joining crowds or participating in any events.

Schools and other establishments

Health codes will be closely inspected by schools and other relevant units, and students and workers from medium- and high-risk locations will be required to apply the related health management measures within the previous 14 days.

Public in general

At the same time, the general public is cautioned against visiting medium- and high-risk locations or leaving the nation for non-essential reasons. They must adhere to social distancing guidelines while traveling, wear masks, often use hand sanitizers, and track their self-health on a daily basis.

They must visit the nearest medical institution as soon as they discover a fever, cough, or other symptoms, and they must be honest about their recent travel history and interactions.