Restrictions for the coming Chinese New Year are issued.

To strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in 2022, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued the following guidelines.

“Fuse” mechanism for cross-provincial tourism business activities

For provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) with medium and high-risk areas, travel agencies, and online tourism companies must suspend the operation of inter-provincial team tours and “air tickets + hotels” booking services in the province (regions, cities) and announce them timely.

“Fuse” mechanism for border towns

From December 17 to March 15, 2022, travel agencies and online travel companies will suspend all inter-provincial group tours and “air tickets, hotels” booking services in and out of land border port cities (except those connected with Hong Kong and Macau ports).

Health surveillance and COVID-19 screening for tourism workers

All travel agencies must strengthen health monitoring for their employees, and regularly conduct COVID tests for front-line staff such as tour guides.
They must comply with local requirements for the prevention and control of outbreaks in the fields of transport, accommodation, restaurants, tourism, shopping, etc.

  • Be aware of travel restrictions, hazard alerts and other information.
  • Plan travel itineraries.
  • Check the size of the travel teams.
  • Complete the national tourism supervision service platform on time and accurately

Reinforcement of the supervisory work of local authorities

All localities must guide and urge travel agencies and online travel companies to strictly implement preventive and control measures in organizing and hosting tourism.