Shanghai’s Latest COVID Prevention Measures Update!

Shanghai’s Latest COVID Prevention Measures Update!

Shanghai reported four new asymptomatic local cases last night. No new confirmed cases were identified.

Currently, 45 close contacts of asymptomatic infections in this town have been traced, and centralized isolation and observation have been implemented.

Terminal disinfection was conducted in areas visited by asymptomatic infected individuals.

The current policy on travel to/from Shanghai has been adapted based on the COVID-19 surges in the country. Please note that this new policy will remain in effect until March 25, 2022!

  1. Do not leave Shanghai unless necessary (home visit, official functions, etc.), do not leave the country unless necessary. When traveling, you must pay special attention to personal hygiene, wear masks, use hand sanitizers and perform daily health monitoring.
  2. Personnel from high-risk areas in the national outbreak situation should temporarily postpone their travel and return to Shanghai only after their region’s risk level has been reduced to low risk.
  3. All personnel from high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic who have arrived in Shanghai should report to the village committee and the unit (or the hotel where they live) no later than 12 hours after the arrival.
  4. For all those who come from or pass through high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic or the local government has declared a global closed management area, all 14 days of centralized isolation health observation will be implemented, and 4 nucleic acid tests will be implemented.
  5. For all people who come from or pass through areas at medium/low-risk areas, they will be subject to strict community health management for 14 days and 2 nucleic acid tests.
  6. Medical institutions, schools and other relevant units should strengthen the inspection of health codes, assist the staff and students who come to Shanghai and return to Shanghai to implement corresponding health management measures, strictly implement the nucleic acid tests on relevant personnel within 48 hours after returning to Shanghai, and carry out 7 days of independent health monitoring.
  7. Personnel returning to Shanghai from other places will carry out 7 days of independent health monitoring after arriving in Shanghai, during which they will self-measure their body temperature twice a day in the morning and evening, reduce unnecessary crowd gathering activities, and standardize the wearing of masks.