New addition to the list of flights to China from Spain

A flight took off on Tuesday June 28 from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport for Spain’s Madrid, denoting the kickoff of the main direct traveler air course between the two cities and a new route added to the list of flights to China from Spain.

It is additionally the second intercontinental traveler air course that Chongqing has opened since the COVID-19 pandemic started after the first route with Rome, Italy.

Flight HU727 is operated by Hainan Airlines with a Boeing 787 airplane, the course will see a full circle flight each Tuesday. The outbound flight time is around 13 hours from Chongqing, while the inbound is around 12 hours.

The kickoff of the direct flight between Chongqing and Madrid would improve the flights availability among China and Spain as well as collaboration and trades between the two nations.