China announces major changes to the travel history card!

New Travel History Card

After removing the asterisk “*” mark on the Travel History Card, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that from July 8, the app now only checks the travel history of users over a seven-day period, as opposed to the previous 14-days.


The Travel History Card app (通信行程卡 tongxin xingcheng ka) is available on WeChat and Alipay, and users will also be alerted to any changes to their personal code by text.

Previously, users with a star on their travel code would see a message stating that cities in their recent travel history included mid- and/or high-risk areas, but that said user had not been to those specific risk areas.

The travel code asterisk makes traveling around China even more difficult than it is now, that public places could refuse entry to anyone “showing a star.”