Quarantine-free travel between Mainland China and Macau resumed!


Starting from 18:00 on August 3, people leaving from Macau to Zhuhai only need to hold a nucleic acid report within 24 hours, and those entering Macau from Zhuhai should hold a report within 48 hours, restarting a quarantine-free travel between Macao and Zhuhai!

Those heading to Zhuhai from Macau must declare ahead of time on the WeChat Mini-program “健 康 珠 海“.

The self-declaration may be made in English, Japanese or Korean:

Once they enter Zhuhai, they must report to the community, or to the hotel where they will stay and undergo “2 tests in 3 days” (The report issued within 24 hours when entering is regarded as the first test, and another test shall be finished within 48 hours).

In the first three days, as a rule, they would have to travel only between their residence and their place of work, and not take public transportation or take part in gatherings.