Effective August 12, Hong Kong quarantine will change to “3 + 4”

Hong Kong

On August 8, John Lee Ka-chiu, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, held a press conference and announced that the mandatory quarantine arrangement for people arriving in Hong Kong from overseas will be changed to 3-day hotel quarantine plus 4-day home medical monitoring.

The LeaveHomeSafe mobile app will be implemented with the red and yellow codes as part of the “3 + 4” program.

The health code for arrivals will display in yellow, while the code for diagnosed individuals will display in red.

At the end of the hotel quarantine, travelers must undergo daily rapid antigen screening and regular nucleic acid testing during their home health monitoring.

Provided they wear masks, travelers can go out to take public transport, get into shopping malls, etc.

However, they are not permitted to enter places without masks or mass gatherings, such as restaurants, bars and nursing homes.