Hong Kong Students to be Given Priority to Enter Mainland

Hong Kong harbour

“The Guangdong government has decided to take the group of Hong Kong students who are going to the mainland for tertiary education into special groups that can be exempted from the inbound limitation,” Secretary of Education of HKSAR Christine Choi Yuk-lin declared on Tuesday.

As of now, the central government gives a share of 2,000 spots each day for entering the mainland from Hong Kong through Shenzhen and Zhuhai. Voyagers should enroll on the web and hang tight for the draw.

Eight unique gatherings, notwithstanding, have been absolved from the inbound restriction, including seniors and pregnant ladies.

As Hong Kong students in China Mainland will be added to the priority bunch, more assigned quarantine lodgings will likewise be added, said Choi. As was talked about with the Macao SAR government, the students might be permitted to enter the Mainland after finishing quarantine in Macao.

Inbound voyagers to China should undergo a 7-day concentrated quarantine in addition to 3-day wellbeing checking at home.

As per the public authority, more than 18,000 Hong Kong students study in the mainland, and 3,000 will be beginning their first scholastic year in 2022.