Hong Kong removes all restrictions on international travelers

Hong Kong harbour

Hong Kong is removing its amber health code from Wednesday, lifting all travel restrictions for arrivals to the city that are negative.

Hong Kong

Travelers currently arriving in Hong Kong are put under the “0+3” regime, issued an amber code on their health app, and cannot enter restaurants until they test negative after three days.

But with the move, Hong Kong is effectively adopting the 0+0 regime, and all incoming travelers who test negative will be given a blue code on their health app and can move about the city freely.

Hong Kong will no longer require members of the public to scan their LeaveHomeSafe for access to restaurants and other businesses starting on Wednesday.

Arrivals will also not be issued an amber code in their LeaveHomeSafe app, meaning that people will be able to visit restaurants and other businesses during their first three days of landing in Hong Kong.

During a press conference on Tuesday, John Lee said that adjustments were based on data and risk assessment.

“The risk of cases imported into Hong Kong is still below the risk of being infected in the community,” Lee said. “Cancelling the amber code will not increase the risk of local infection.”

He added that under the new rules, the LeaveHomeSafe app will only issue two different codes:

  • Red for those infected with Covid-19
  • Blue for those not infected with Covid-19