Test Requirements for Passengers Traveling to China

Test Requirements for Passengers Traveling to China

Following the Chinese government’s decision to manage COVID-19 with measures against Class-B infectious diseases”, passengers traveling to China must submit to ONE COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 48 hours of boarding the direct flight to China, with those who receive a negative result being allowed to enter the country.

Note: The PCR test can be substituted for a Rapid Antigen Test if you travel from the countries listed here.

Airlines will be required to examine the negative PCR test certificates (hard copy) of passengers within 48 hours before boarding as of January 17, 2023, in order to guarantee the health and safety of international travel.

When travelers pass through customs in China, random inspections of the certificates will be performed.

The Chinese Embassies across the world have created a “Guide on Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for China-bound Travelers” and the specifications for the Proof of COVID-19 Test in order to make the preparations for travelers heading to China easier.

Please read the instructions below thoroughly and adhere to them.

Travelers to China: A Guide to Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures

I. A nucleic acid test before boarding

Nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 is required for all passengers traveling to China (except if you travel from the countries listed here) within 48 hours of boarding. You may only enter China if the results of your test are negative or once they have changed from positive to negative.

Please always bring a physical copy of the evidence of your negative COVID-19 test result so that it can be checked.

II. Declaration of Health to Chinese Customs

You must notify China Customs of your negative test result by completing the Health Declaration Form via:

III. Boarding Inspection

Airlines will check if you have a negative result (hard copy) within 48 hours of boarding at boarding time, and anyone who cannot provide this proof will not be permitted to board the aircraft.

IV. Self-protection on the Aircraft

To lower the danger of infection, it is advised that you wear a mask the entire flight and use good personal protection.

V. Entry Inspection

With your health declaration result, you can pass through customs, and China Customs may ask to see documentation of your negative COVID-19 test result. You won’t be subjected to any further requirements if you pass the health declaration and entry check.

You are compelled to submit to an antigen test by China Customs if your health declarations are inconsistent or you exhibit symptoms like a fever.

Those whose tests are positive must either self-quarantine or seek medical attention after being informed to do so by the appropriate authority.

In compliance with the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law and other rules and regulations, China Customs will conduct routine quarantine inspections on those whose findings are negative.

VI. Epidemic After-entry Prevention and Control

You must adhere rigorously to the location’s epidemic prevention and control standards once you’ve entered China.

Requirements for the PCR Test Certificate

  1. The traveler’s name, which must exactly match the name on the ticket used for the flight, must be on the proof. It is advised to include the travel document number and date of birth on the proof.
  2. The certificate must also include:
    • The test or issue time (at least one of these must be less than 48 hours prior to boarding);
    • testing approach (nucleic acid testing is a must; antigen testing will not be accepted except if you traveling from here);
    • test results (‘Uncertain’ will not be acceptable; results must be negative);
    • the testing facility’s name and contact information.
  3. The proof must be in English or the language of the country from which your journey to China is departing. The airline for your flight to China will examine it.
  4. A physical copy should be used. Please print and bring with you a copy of any digital materials provided by the testing center.