FAQ on Hong Kong S.A.R’s FREE 500,000 roundtrip tickets giveaway

FAQ on Hong Kong S.A.R’s FREE 500,000 roundtrip tickets giveaway

In an effort to catch up to other well-liked travel destinations in the area, Hong Kong S.A.R is now giving away half a million free plane tickets to the world’s largest financial Centre.

The city primarily sided with mainland China’s “zero-COVID” stance throughout the epidemic and loosened entry restrictions months later than competitors like Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. The tourism industry’s revival remained gradual even after it reopened its border with mainland China in January.

According to Chief Executive John Lee, who launched the “Hello Hong Kong” tourism promotion on February 2, the city would give out 500,000 free plane tickets to welcome visitors from all over the world in what he dubbed “perhaps the greatest welcome ever.”

Why does Hong Kong offer free flights?

After its rigorous COVID-19 rules kept the majority of visitors away and its tourism business – a crucial component of its economy – took a big damage, the city is making a strong statement to entice back its tourists.

The city ultimately abandoned the requirement for hotel quarantines and PCR tests for incoming visitors in recent months, which led to a marginal increase in arrival numbers. Even yet, the number of visitors in 2022 was just 1% higher than in 2019.

“We want those who book the flights can invite one or two more family members and friends to visit the city. Despite the fact that we are only giving away 500,000 plane tickets, we think this would assist Hong Kong attract more than 1.5 million tourists.”

Airport Authority Hong Kong CEO Fred Lam

How does the Hello Hong Kong promotion for free tickets operate?

People can register on the website for the Hong Kong airport and check back for when they are qualified to participate in the promotion for a chance to win, or they can go directly to the airlines’ websites when qualified.

The tickets will be distributed on the following airlines websites in phases according to residence:

According to Lam, fortunate draws, “buy one, get one free” promotions, and games would be used to choose the majority of the airline tickets, which are valued at 2 billion Hong Kong dollars under the campaign.

All tickets will be round-trip economy class, and “associated surcharges, fees and taxes” will still be the prize winner’s responsibility, the website states.

Who is qualified for Hong Kong’s giveaway and when does it start?

According to the Hong Kong airport website, South East Asia residents are the campaign’s initial target market.

The application period for those residing in China Mainland will not open until April and the application period for those residing in North East Asia and other markets will not open until May.

What do the extra guest coupons entail?

In addition, “Hong Kong Goodies,” or additional incentives, are provided to visitors to assist them enjoy the city:

  • A free welcome drink from one of 100 partner bars, restaurants, or hotels, worth more than HK$100.
  • A $100 cash voucher redeemable at transportation, dining, and retail establishments as well as at attractions. There is no minimum expenditure requirement, and more than 140 businesses are taking part.
  • a distinctive souvenir of your vacation that is worth over $100 at “one of the many attractions and museums in Hong Kong.”

The traveler’s stay in the city must be no longer than 90 days, and they must have a non-Hong Kong phone number in order to qualify for the Hong Kong Goodies voucher.

At one of the four Visitor Centers run by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, they can pick up the coupon.