Flights to China from Singapore: Scoot Speaks Positively About Chinese Demand

Scoot, a low-cost airline operated by Singapore Airlines Ltd., is confident that China air travel will rebound as it resumes flights to China from Singapore, despite industry concerns about sluggish demand in the second-largest aviation market in the world.

China won’t return to pre-pandemic levels of air travel for at least a year, says Subhas Menon, director general of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines.

According to Thng, Scoot will be operating roughly 25% to 30% of its pre-Covid capacity in China by the end of June, and up to 90% by the end of October.

According to a statement released by Scoot last month, the airline wants to restart flights to and from China in order to meet the rising demand for travel. The airline will gradually raise the number of weekly flights to China from 14 to 26 by increasing the frequency of flights to seven of its current cities.

Demand is still quite strong, according to the 25–30% capacity that has been added back into the system, Thng stated on Thursday. “So, we have a good deal of confidence that demand will come back from China.”