More Frequent Flights to China From Egypt And Back

More Frequent Flights to China From Egypt And Back

In view of intentions to welcome more Chinese tourists in the upcoming years, Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa met with numerous Chinese officials on Wednesday to discuss methods to increase direct flights to China from Egypt and back.

Issa claims that marketing research done by the ministry shows there are many Chinese visitors who want to travel to Egypt.

These comments were made during a professional training titled “Egyptian-Chinese Tourism” that was hosted by the Egyptian tourism ministry.

Hu Heping, the Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism, attended the workshop as part of a formal delegation to Egypt to advance tourism-related cooperation between Cairo and Beijing.

The session was attended by a Chinese team that included representatives from the China Tourist Association and tourist organizers who are presently in Egypt to promote collaboration between the two nations.

In a meeting with Heping on Sunday, Minister Issa made it clear that Egypt sees China as one of the most potential markets for travel to the nation.

Egypt welcomed its first group of Chinese visitors in January as a result of Beijing relaxing COVID-19 travel restrictions.

China’s visa regulations were lowered last week by Egypt, enabling Chinese nationals to get entrance visas at the airport.

The tourist industry is a significant source of hard currency for the Egyptian economy.