Suishenxing (随申行) Now Available in English

Suishenxing (随申行) Now Available in English

The English rendition of Suishenxing (随申行), the mobile application embodying Shanghai’s intelligent transportation network, made its debut this Monday.

Foreign users are required to undergo registration and initiate online payment procedures to procure a universal QR code through the application.

It facilitates access to 1,560 bus routes (inclusive of Fengxian BRT and Songjian Tram), 20 Metro lines (encompassing Maglev), 17 Pujiang ferry routes, and 9 Chongming ferry journeys.

International commuters are entitled to the same concessions as the local populace: a 10 percent reduction in Metro fares following expenditures exceeding 70 RMB within a month, along with a 1-yuan deduction between two bus journeys or a combination of “Metro and bus” within a two-hour window.

Suishenxing, established by the local government, stands as the pioneering metropolitan platform amalgamating public transportation, taxi and vehicle hailing, bike sharing, and intelligent parking.

Shanghai’s state-owned Shanghai Mobility Service Technology Company developed the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system, which commenced operations in October of the previous year.

The company has disclosed its intent to imminently provide the Suishenxing app with options for unrestricted travel on most Shanghai buses, Metro lines, and ferries, thereby simplifying city transit for international residents.

Outlined below are guidelines for obtaining a universal travel QR code in Shanghai.

Step 1: Download the Suishenxing app

Click on one of the download links according to your mobile type and opt for English as the preferred language at installation:

Step 2: Real-name authentication

Initiate real-name authentication by clicking “Open Now” and link the code to your preferred payment method to conclude the verification:

Step 3: Travel with the code

Users can present the code at bus and subway gates for seamless access: