How to Swap your China PR Card for the 5 Star Card?

How to Swap your China PR Card for the 5 Star Card?

China’s 5 Star Card has come into effect on Dec 1, 2023. The holders of the current permanent residence card can choose to either keep the current card till expiration then get the new 5 star card or they can apply for an exchange now.

In this blog post, we will explain the process of the exchange from Permanent Residence Card to the new 5 Star Card for those who applied via the spousal route.

Documents Checklist

  • Current Passport and 2 copies of the Passport ID page
  • Current Permanent Residence ID Card and 2 copies (front and back on an A4 paper)
  • 2 Two-inch ID photos

Once all the documents ready, head to the Exit-Entry bureau where you applied for your China Permanent Residence card. In my case, the office in Shanghai was located at:

Building 8-9, Lane 36, Xuelin Road, Pudong New Area, near Huanke Road.

It can be reached by taking Line 13 to Xuelin Road Station, then take exit 1.

You will be asked to fill in these two forms in Chinese (except for the English First and last name):

If you cannot write in Chinese (Why wouldn’t you if you elected this country as your permanent home), you may request assistance from a Chinese friend or the immigration officer.

The form on the left is for the renewal or the reissuance of the card

The form on the right has questions related to the spousal route such as to confirm whether the marriage (which was the basis for awarding the permanent residence ID card) is still standing, ended or if the card holder has remarried someone else.

Also would need to confirm information regarding the current spouse (if marriage still standing) or the new spouse information if remarried.

After filling the forms, you will be requested to go the photo booth to take a new photo that will be digitally put on the 5 Star card, the 2 two-inch photos provided in the checklist will just go on file for the application processing.

Once done, you will be given a receipt form that looks like the following:

Processing Time

Although the receipt form stated one month to renew or reissue the 5 Star card, the actual exchange process will take between 90 and 180 days.


The exchange fee is the same as for the renewal which is 300 RMB.