Shanghai cabs now accept international credit cards

Shanghai Cabs

Foreigners entering Shanghai devoid of currency or Chinese digital payment applications can now avail themselves of their international credit cards for Shanghai cabs ride.

Fifty cabs operated by the Dazhong Transportation Group in Shanghai have been furnished with point-of-sale (POS) apparatuses accommodating foreign bank cards.

This initiative was disclosed during a ceremony inaugurating payment optimization, jointly hosted by Dazhong and the Bank of China on Friday.

The objective is to address the challenge of payment hindrances encountered by expatriates.

Dazhong has emerged as the inaugural taxi enterprise in Shanghai to endorse credit cards issued abroad for transactions.

“Dazhong initiated its concern regarding the matter of foreign credit card transactions for taxis as early as the previous year,” remarked Yang Guoping, the chairman of Da Zhong Transportation Group.

The initial 50 Dazhong cabs that underwent the payment streamlining procedure were outfitted with POS systems supporting transactions through five major card networks (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DinersClub, and JCB). They additionally accept both local and international cards issued by UnionPay, as well as WeChat, Alipay, and e-CNY.

Furthermore, the cabs are furnished with change dispensers containing minor denominations of cash, along with informational brochures outlining payment services tailored for foreign tourists.

Prominent payment logos are also prominently displayed on the cabs’ exteriors.

The inaugural set of 50 Dazhong cabs equipped with POS systems facilitating foreign card transactions has commenced operation. This count is slated to escalate to 1,000 by the conclusion of June and ascend to 2,000 by the seventh CIIE in November.