Flights to China from Germany: New Frankfurt-Shenyang Route

China Southern Plane

A recent addition to the list of flights to China from Germany has emerged, linking the northeastern region of China with Frankfurt, Germany. China Southern Airlines, a prominent carrier in China, initiated this new passenger route, connecting Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province, with Frankfurt.

This pioneering intercontinental route signifies the debut of regular direct flights to Germany from northeastern China, orchestrated by a domestic airline.

The flight schedule is as follows:

China Southern

Wang Hai, the deputy general manager of the northern branch of China Southern Airlines, expressed optimism about the new route’s impact on economic and trade relations between China and Germany. He emphasized its potential to elevate the quality and intensity of cooperation between Liaoning, the greater northeastern region of China, and Germany.

The inaugural round-trip flight boasted an impressive average seat occupancy rate of 90 percent, accommodating a diverse range of passengers including businessmen, scholars, laborers, and sightseers.

Prior to the route’s establishment, travelers from Liaoning destined for Europe typically relied on transit through major cities like Beijing or Guangzhou. The introduction of this direct 11-hour flight has substantially trimmed travel time by over five hours.

Liaoning benefits significantly from its relationship with Germany, which serves as a key source of foreign investment and a pivotal trading ally. Nearly 200 German enterprises have established operations within Liaoning, further cementing the bilateral economic ties.