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This page lists China Entry Requirements: from passport validity to Visa requirements.

Passport Validity

To enter China, your passport must meet the following TWO requirements:

  • Contain a ‘expiry date’ of at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival.
  • Two blank pages for visas and stamping.

Visa Requirements (from 8 January 2023)

A visa is required to visit mainland China (excepted for those that qualify for China Unilateral Visa exemption program)

Visa-free transit through China is authorized for periods ranging from 72 hours to 144 hours, depending on location.

If you visit Hong Kong from mainland China and intend to return, you must obtain a visa that allows you to enter China again.

Check your visa details carefully and don’t overstay. The authorities conduct regular checks and may penalize, detain, or deport you.

If you plan to stay in China for more than six months, you may need to obtain a residency permit.