In this YouTube video, we will explain how to apply for or renew your Tunisian Consular Identification Card with the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing:


  1. Consular Identification Card Application Form (download below)
    • Notes:
      • Make sure to input your mobile number, email and your address in both English and Chinese.
      • You may request the help of a friend if you cannot input the Chinese address yourself.
  2. Color copy of the first 03 pages of the passport
  3. Color copy of the Chinese Residence permit (or China Green Card for those who are permanent residents)
  4. Color copy of the national identity card (front and back on an A4 paper)
  5. Employment certificate for those who are working in China
  6. School or university registration certificate for those who are studying in China
  7. 02 passport ID photos (Size: 2 Inches)
  8. The old consular card in case of renewal
  9. The consular fee (please refer here)


If you are not in Beijing, you will need to mail the application to the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing. You may find the mailing address here.