Consular Fees at the Tunisian Embassy

Below is the list of consular fees at the Tunisian embassy in Beijing, China starting Jan 3, 2023:

Consular DocumentFee Per Document (RMB)
Transit Visa (Max validity 7 days)210
Single Entry Visa (Duration of stay: 1 to 90 days)620
Multiple Entries Visa (Duration of stay: 1 to 90 days)1250
Birth Certificate35
Death Certificate35
Marriage Record110
Marriage Certificate55
Civil Status document legalization46
Translation of Civil Status document46
Family record book110
Certificate of Conformity35
Passport for baby, child, or student130
Passport for Adults415
Lost Passport780
Consular Identification Card80
(Free for students)
Notarial deed (for Tunisians)55
Notarial deed (for non-Tunisians)110
Signature Legalization for administrative purposes55
Signature Legalization for business purposes215
Certified Copy for administrative purposes55
Certified Copy for business purposes215
Certificate of Non-Criminal Record16