How to Apply for Tourist Visa Extension in China?

How to Apply for Tourist Visa Extension in China?

Legally speaking, for most visas for China, one cannot apply for an extension. Even when talking about a work-related residence permit, for example, a new one is issued with the issuance of a new work permit. However, if you are currently holding a tourist visa and would like to spend more time in China, you may, under certain circumstances, apply for tourist visa extension within China.

Please note:

  1. The tourist visa extension is not an automatic right and is subject at the discretion of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) officer. If the extension is given, then the extended stay will not exceed the duration of stay on the visa issued initially and would most likely be for just thirty days.
  2. Please see our article regarding the humanitarian visa, also known as a stay permit, which is an appropriate temporary visa solution when renewing one’s work permit and residence permit if the procedures cannot be done in time. This tourist visa is not a replacement to such a visa. Please click here to know more about it.

What are the required documents for the Tourist Visa Extension?

To apply for the extension of a tourist visa, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Local Police Registration Form: You need to provide a valid and up-to-date registration at the time of the application. Click here to see our recent article with details to obtain one.
  • Deposit: In some locations, you will be asked to present a deposit amount calculated as $100 per day of extension. So in the case of a 30-day extension, you will need to show a $3,000 deposit. The amount can be presented as either in cash or bank statement. In the case of cash, just showing the amount to the officer when processing the application would be sufficient. In the case of a bank statement, the statement has to be an official statement from a Chinese bank located in Mainland China and stamped with an official stamp. If a bank statement is presented, an equivalent amount can be shown in RMB or any other major currency.
  • Completed Visa Application
  • Itinerary Detailing Reason of Extension: For this, you need to provide a detailed itinerary plan during the extension preferably done by a travel agency and list the contact details of said agency for the PSB to contact them in case of extra information is needed.
  • Two 2-inch photos with a white background 

Where and when to apply?

The application needs to be filed at the Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Administration (PSB), and the application must be submitted at the very least seven days before your current tourist visa expiration date.

If you apply in less than seven days and the claim lasts longer than that, then you may be considered an overstayer for which you may receive further consequences.

Once you apply, the PSB will give you a receipt that can be used as valid ID while awaiting the final decision.

How much does the visa extension cost?

The visa fee is 160 RMB in most cases. However, US citizens need to pay 760 RMB for an extension while UK citizens need 469 RMB for the same extension.