5 Things to Know About the iOS 13.5 Update

Source: GottaBeMobile

Apple’s confirmed an iOS 13.5 update, and the firmware is in testing ahead of a release for iPhone.

At this point, we don’t expect Apple to release iOS 13.4.2, iOS 13.4.3, iOS 13.4.4, or iOS 13.4.5, so iOS 13.5 should serve as iOS 13.4.1’s successor.

iOS 13.5 was originally called iOS 13.4.5, but the company has changed the version number.

The iOS 13.5 update is a milestone release (x.x), which means it will bring a mix of new features, security patches, and bug fixes with it.

We don’t have an official iOS 13.5 release date yet, but iPhone users who don’t want to wait for the official release can try the update out right now via Apple’s beta program.

With iOS 13.5 on the way, we want to take iPhone users through everything there is to know about Apple’s next big iOS 13 upgrades.

In this guide to the iOS 13.5 update, we’ll take you through the update’s known changes, what you can expect from the iOS 13.5 release date and release time, critical information about the iOS 13.5 beta, and more.

iOS 13.5 Beta

If you don’t want to wait for the official version of iOS 13.5 to arrive, you don’t have to.

The iOS 13.5 beta is available to those in Apple’s developer program. The company’s also pushed the iOS 13.5 beta to those enrolled in the Beta Software Program.

While a developer account requires you to pay money, Apple’s Beta Software Program is free to anyone with a working Apple ID.

The iOS 13.5 beta is compatible with all iPhones compatible with iOS 13, a list that includes the iPhone SE 2iPhone XSiPhone 6s, and many others.

Before you download the iOS 13.5 beta onto your phone, remember that pre-release software is almost always plagued with bugs and performance issues. These issues could impact the performance of your core apps, your device’s battery life, and its overall speed, which makes it a less than ideal daily driver.

You should be able to fix some of these problems on your own, but some bugs and performance issues will probably require a fix from Apple in a future beta or in the final version of the update.

If you can’t stand the beta’s performance, you can downgrade back to an older version of iOS 13 though Apple is only signing on iOS 13.4.1. The downgrade path back to other updates is closed.

In other words, if you were to move from iOS 13.4 to iOS 13.5 beta, there’s no way back. Keep that in mind before you jump to the beta.

iOS 13.5 Release Date

Apple hasn’t confirmed an official iOS 13.5 release date for iPhone, but the software should roll out soon now that the company’s pushed the GM (Golden Master) to beta testers.

The GM represents the final version that will be pushed to the public.

Apple’s announced new Pride bands for the Apple Watch. This is important because the company’s new watchOS 6.2.5 update brings new watch faces that match the bands.

Apple typically rolls software updates out in and around the same date, so there’s a good chance iOS 13.5 rolls out sometime later this week.

One source believes Apple will release iOS 13.5 on May 20th. Apple sometimes releases software updates on Wednesday’s, so the move does make sense.

iOS 13.5 also includes the company’s COVID exposure notification API. The company says it hopes to release the API sometime in mid-May.

iOS 13.5 Release Time

We don’t have an official release date, but we know exactly when Apple will roll the software out on whatever day it chooses.

The official version of iOS 13.5 will probably arrive in and around 10AM Pacific. It sometimes takes a few minutes for iOS updates to show up, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t see new software right when the clock strikes 10AM.

Apple will also release iOS 13.5 beta updates for developers, and those in the Beta Software Program, in and around 10AM Pacific. The company typically releases new beta updates every 1-2 weeks.

Keep this timeline in mind if you plan to install the official version or iOS 13.5 beta releases right away.

iOS 13.5 Update: What’s New

Apple’s x.x updates always bring new features, and under-the-hood improvements and iOS 13.5 won’t be any different.

We’re still digging through the iOS 13.5 beta, but you can expect it to come with a fix for a VPN issue that was discovered lurking in older versions of iOS 13.

iOS 13.5 will also patch two security vulnerabilities impacting the company’s Mail application. The issues, outlined by Motherboard, evidently let attackers modify and delete email messages.

The zero-day hack is reportedly present in all versions of iOS between iOS 6 and iOS 13.4.1, which obviously make a fix a high priority for Apple.

As for new features, iOS 13.5 brings the first version of the company’s COVID-19 exposure notification API. Apple’s also released the first Xcode 11.5 beta, which includes a new version of the iOS SDK. The new SDK includes this exposure notification API.

If you’re interested in more information about Apple’s exposure notification initiative, you can read more about it on the company’s website.

On top of that, the iOS 13.5 beta includes a small tweak to Face ID that makes it easier to skip Face ID unlock if you’re wearing a mask.

With iOS 13.5 on board, Face ID will be able to detect if you’re wearing a mask. If it detects that you’re wearing a mask, it will immediately skip to the passcode screen.

Apple’s also made a change to Group FaceTime that lets users disable the feature that automatically enlarges the tile of the person speaking on the call.

If you’ve used GroupFace Time, you know that while each person has a tile, the software makes the tile of the person speaking much larger while the other tiles fade into the background.

With iOS 13.5 on board, you’ll notice a new “Automatic Prominence” section with a “Speaking” toggle inside the Settings application. If you turn off the “Speaking” toggle, all of the tiles on the screen will remain the same size.

iOS 13.5 will also bring a new feature for sharing Medical ID information. The feature lets users send their Medical ID information to dispatchers during an emergency call, which Apple says “can speed up the process of getting the care you need.”

It also looks like iOS 13.5 also adds a new option for sharing Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

Apple could add or subtract from the iOS 13.5 changelog as the beta progresses, so keep an eye out for changes as the software makes progress behind the scenes.

iOS 13 Jailbreak

If you still jailbreak, make sure you avoid the iOS 13.5 beta. The only way you can jailbreak a device right now is if it’s running an older version of iOS 13 or iOS 12.

We don’t expect them to release a tool that’s compatible with the iOS 13.5 beta.