Geely to bring flying car to China in around 2024 in partnership with Volocopter

Source: Global Times

Volocopter's flying car Photo: Volocopter
Volocopter’s flying car Photo: Volocopter

Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group plans to bring flying car developed by its aviation branch Wofei Changkong Technology Co with German air taxi developer Volocopter to the Chinese market in about three years, Wofei Changkong Technology Co CEO Jing Chao said in a recent interview.

After Volocopter receiving airworthiness certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency, it will be easier to be awarded the same certificate from Chinese authorities under bilateral agreements on civil aviation, Jing told domestic news outlet “Hence, we’re confident that flying cars will emerge in China in around 2024,” Jing said.

He said that the research and development (R&D) of the flying car had been basically completed, and has started to applying for certifications while there have been couriers in contact with the company for cooperation in future operation.

“The clients of flying cars will not only be businessmen but also could be used in wedding ceremonies, tourism and other special event and will become a common transport tool,” Jing said, expressing optimism for market demand.

He said that flying car products will be operated in China by the joint venture to be launched by Wofei Changkong Technology Co and Volocopter, the report said.

Wofei Changkong Technology Co was established in September 2020. The company adopts the dual-brand operation model of “Aoshi” and “Taili” brands, with unmanned drones and flying car R&D, production and operation as its main business.

Founded in 2011, Volocopter builds electrically powered air taxis, with the aim to save people time and to help megacities transform their transportation systems towards a more sustainable future by adding new mobility options for their citizens. The company has built three generations of Volocopter aircraft, two of which received licenses for manned and unmanned flight with a total funding of 35 million euros ($42.3 million).

In 2019, Volocopter raised its Series C funding of 50 million euros, which is being led by Geely.