Flight CZ348 suspended for two weeks and extended suspension for CA942 and KQ882

Cancelled Flights

For an overview of all the suspended flights, please check this page here.

On April 27, the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced the suspension of China Southern’s Flight CZ348 from Paris to Guangzhou for two weeks starting May 3.

Flights entering the country before May 3 on the above route can continue and the quota for the above flights will not be used for other routes.

The following flights also got their suspension extended:

  • Air China’s Flight CA942 from Dubai to Xi’an. (Flight was already suspended for two weeks)
  • Kenya Airways’ Flight KQ882 from Nairobi to Guangzhou. (Flight was already suspended for two weeks)

On April 16, five passengers on flight CZ348 and nine passengers on flight CA942 tested positive for the novel coronavirus

On April 17, five passengers on flight KQ882 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

As a result, the above two flights will have an extended suspension of two weeks starting May 10.