Illegal Visa Agents? How to identify their Common Tricks?

Is It Real Or Fake?

Following the article to guide on how to determine a recruiter is a scam, we will list the common tricks used by illicit visa agents for your reference.

Registering Companies Hastily

Clients are told to create a company in order to obtain visas as legal persons or investors, but the registered firm will not operate normally, which is prohibited.
The Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau has recently conducted thorough checks of enterprises founded by expats. If a company fails to pass inspections, legal people’ and investors’ visas will not be extended or terminated, and applicants will be unable to find legal work in the future.

Advise clients to avoid renting actual offices, as this could result in their work visas being cancelled outright.
Foreign Experts Bureau accounts must be opened here by newly registered enterprises owned by foreigners.
When opening an account, you must give the genuine office address, leasing document, building images, and so on. If the police do an inspection and discover that there is no genuine office, their work visa may be immediately revoked.

Intentionally applying for work visas in violation of the rules

  1. Request that your clients apply for work permits in other cities.
    Foreigners’ work permits can only be handled in their place of employment (city), although some agencies will advise customers to apply for work permits in a city that is “easier” to apply for.
    However, foreigners who operate in China beyond the scope of their work permits are considered to be working illegally.
  2. Obtain a work permit from a corporation, but do not work there
    Some agencies charge fees for referring clients to linked companies and applying for work permits for clients who work there, yet foreigners do not work there. This is against the law.
    Companies and individuals will face harsh penalties if they are uncovered.