7 positive COVID tests from Shanghai. How Does This Affect You?

7 positive COVID tests from Shanghai. How Does This Affect You?

China is facing new challenges after 7 travelers on the same trip tested positive in the city of Xi’an on Oct 16 after local cases had been eliminated for days (including a couple, who were believed to be the first two asymptomatic cases). The fact that they came from Shanghai has complicated matters.

In addition, authorities confirmed that one other traveler on the same trip tested positive after departing from the city of Yinchuan in Northwest China. In China as of October 19, there were 11 confirmed cases and two asymptomatic cases.

A few questions remain unanswered, like heavy smog in the middle of the day.

First and foremost, where did the virus infect the first two Shanghai travelers? Does this imply that there have already been local cases in Shanghai with no symptoms?

Furthermore, why were previous tests negative? Does this imply that a longer incubation period is more common?

All of these people are said to have been fully vaccinated, which appears to be one of the most frequently asked questions in the comments section. People’s concerns are well-founded. Winter has long been regarded as a season when widespread contagion is more likely. Does this imply that COVID will not be able to flee as easily this time? And how many more regions have been or will be at risk?

The disease control team in Shanghai has launched actions to combat this. Several rounds of testing have been completed. 308 people associated with the confirmed cases had been tested as of 10 a.m. on Oct 18. The outcomes were all negative. The lab has received 277 specimens from objects and the environment. The outcomes are all negative. There has been extensive and thorough sterilization.

Furthermore, Shanghai has decided to improve the management of people leaving/entering the city:

  • All people coming from/passing through medium/high-risk areas must report their journeys to the local community within 12 hours of their arrival.
  • All people from high-risk areas must be quarantined for 14 days in a specific location. During this time, two tests will be required.
  • All residents of medium-risk areas must adhere to self-quarantine rules for 14 days and report their health conditions to the residency community as needed. During this time, two tests will be required.

Self-quarantine, for example, had been recommended in some residential areas. According to the Jingyuan Community in Shanghai, all residents of the No.5 and No.6 buildings on 801 Wuding Road must remain at home from October 18 to October 20. All residents are required not to leave their homes and to submit to two PCR swab tests. As always, self-health regulation is advised, such as checking temperatures twice a day.

More research is being conducted.

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