Vaccine booster shots are now available to foreign nationals in Guangzhou

Vaccine booster shots for fully vaccinated residents are now available in Guangzhou’s Liwan, Haizhu, and Zengcheng districts.

Residents who have already received two doses of either the Sinovac or Sinopharm vaccines and have waited 180 days since their last shot are eligible for the third dose.

Foreign nationals who have received two vaccine shots can register for booster shots in Liwan and Haizhu using their passports and other supporting documents, such as valid residence permits. Appointments are not required for the shots in these districts.

Booster shots are available to foreign nationals in Guangzhou at the Liwan Central Hospital, the Liwan District People’s Hospital, the Guangzhou Liwanqu Zhongyiyiyuan (Liwan District TCM Hospital), and the Guangdong Second Provincial Central Hospital.

Booster shots allow vaccine efficacy to be maintained for an extended period of time and increase antibody levels in those who receive them.

According to Sinopharm and Sinovac research, booster shots can increase antibody levels in the body by 10-30 times, and antibody levels remain high after six months. They also help protect against virus variants, such as the Delta variant.

Booster shots have also been shown in studies to have no serious side effects.