What is the current policy for entry and exit from Shanghai?

This article will introduce the current exit-entry policy of Shanghai as well as the PCR and quarantine requirements.

Requirements for PCR & Quarantine:

All persons returning to Shanghai from or via high-risk areas in China should report to their neighborhood and village committees (or hotels) as soon as possible and no later than 12 hours after their arrival in Shanghai.

A) People coming to Shanghai from high-risk areas:

All persons returning to Shanghai from or via high-risk areas in China will be placed under quarantine for 14 days and have four PCR tests.

B) People coming to Shanghai from middle-risk areas:

All persons returning to Shanghai from or via areas at medium risk of the epidemic in China are subject to 14 days of strict community health management, with two PCR tests. During the period of strict community health management, they will not go out unless necessary, wear masks when they go out, and will not go to places where crowds gather or participate in activities where crowds gather.

C) People from low-risk areas coming to Shanghai:

There are currently no regulations on the prevention of epidemics for people coming to Shanghai from low-risk areas. We advise low-risk people arriving in Shanghai to wear masks in a standardized manner, cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurements, and present green health codes and trip cards for orderly movement.

Entry personnel

The quarantine policy is the relevant regulation on the health management of entry personnel published by the Shanghai Bureau of Prevention and Control on May 14. No new policy has been received yet, so to avoid delays, please consult with the departments involved by telephone before traveling, for reference only.

Airport and train station access requirements

Shanghai does not have any explicit regulations on vaccination from Shanghai, even though we have seen the requirement in previous vaccination policies: do not leave Shanghai unless necessary.

A) Access to railway station requirements:

Currently, all major Shanghai stations carry out temperature controls on incoming passengers, including once inside the station and once outside. Special staff is also arranged at the exit gates of each station to verify passenger health codes one by one

Passengers carrying yellow codes

Local staff will advise the community to take the individual and quarantine him/her at home for 14 days

Passengers carrying red codes

Staff will then dispatch the passenger to a designated central quarantine site for 14 days.

B) Accessibility to airport requirements:

Anyone entering the terminals of Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao airports must always wear a mask and have their temperature measured.

All domestic arrivals are checked by health code at the two Shanghai airports and released or observed according to screening results. At the same time, health reporting offices are put in place on-site for passengers to report on their own initiative.