Calls by the Shanghai health center to get booster shots

Update: Arrangements for foreign nationals and residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to receive booster shots will be announced later.

The Shanghai Health Promotion Center reminds local residents to take booster shots in time to better protect themselves from COVID-19.

The COVID19 vaccination is an important measure to prevent the possibility of critical infection.

All people over the age of 18 who have been fully vaccinated for over six months can undergo booster shots, the center said.

The booster shots will be available free of charge.

People can apply for booster shots, check vaccination locations and make appointments through the apps or WeChat mini programs of:

As a result, the system will show the types of previous vaccines that people have received and provide information on vaccination sites with the same ones.

If the previous vaccination was not carried out in Shanghai, people should take their ID cards and vaccination certificates from other provinces to local sites.