Q&A regarding Travel Itinerary Card (通信行程卡)

Q&A regarding Travel Itinerary Card (通信行程卡)

Since its launch at the end of February 2020, the “Travel Itinerary Card” has been providing services for nearly 23 months across the country, facilitating healthy travel for the general public during the epidemic.

Recently, the epidemic situation in various regions across China continues to be severe, especially with the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics, and hence the amount of inquiries about travel card has also gradually increased.

In this article, we will list the most frequently asked questions, and try to answer them one by one.

Q: What does the asterisk “*” on the itinerary card mean?

The “*” asterisk in the upper right corner of the destination indicates that there are cities with medium and high risk areas on the itinerary for the past 14 days. It does not mean that the user has actually visited these medium and high-risk areas.

Note: The asterisk “*” has nothing to do with the user’s personal health status. It is only used as a reminder of cities with medium and high risk areas, which can be checked by the management.

Q: How long before the asterisk “*” goes away?

The asterisk will disappear when your itinerary in the past 14 days does not include a city in a medium or high risk area.

Q: When does the asterisk “*” mark show up on the travel history card?

The asterisk mark will shows up according to the identification of medium-risk and/or high-risk areas in each city by the epidemic prevention department, and the information released by the local health committee. The data update will have a certain time difference, usually completed in 24 hours.

Q: Can I travel if I have an “*” on my travel history card?

If you have an asterisk “*” on your travel history card, it means that you have travelled in the past 14 days to cities that contain medium and or high risk areas.

You need to further confirm whether you have been to the high-risk areas, if you have been, you need to strictly follow the local epidemic prevention management regulations to report to the relevant management department.

If you have not been, you need to know the travel policy in advance, and judge whether to continue to travel according to the epidemic prevention management requirements.

Q: Will the holder of a travel itinerary card with an “*” be quarantined?

The travel card with an asterisk “*” indicates the presence of cities containing medium and high risk areas on the user’s itinerary for the past 14 days and does not mean that the user has actually visited these medium and high-risk areas.

Epidemic prevention managers are advised to further verify whether the other party has actually been to medium and high-risk areas when they see the asterisk on the travel card of the user, and then follow the local quarantine policy to determine whether there is a need for quarantine. Isolation of travel card users with asterisks is not recommended.

Q: What data is the travel itinerary card based on?

Travel card analysis is mobile phone signaling and call data, by the operator through the user’s mobile phone number in the location of the base station. Due to technical reasons, such as base station signal may cross coverage, limited signaling data precision, data update delay and so on, travel card service data may have some deviation. If the result has serious deviation, please contact the customer service of the operator (Telecom 10000 / Mobile 10086 / Unicom 10010).

Q: What to do if the itinerary query is not allowed? I haven’t been to A but it shows / I’ve been to B. but it doesn’t show.

The travel itinerary card service uses base station data. In order to ensure continuous communication and achieve coverage without blind spots, the base station signals at the border of the administrative division may cross coverage, resulting in the use of the base stations in neighboring cities without roaming.

In addition, a stay in a city for less than 4 hours is not recorded. Your Overseas Itinerary requires you to use international roaming services while you are abroad. If the result has serious deviation, please contact the customer service of the operator:

  • China Telecom 10000
  • China Mobile 10086
  • China Unicom 10010

Q: What should I do if I can’t find my itinerary?

Travel card analysis is based on mobile phone signaling and call data, so the premise of travel data is that you use the mobile phone to generate these data. If you can’t find your itinerary, you can try making more phone calls, or turn off the Wi-Fi connection and use 4G or 5G traffic.

Data will usually be available the next day. In order to avoid the location deviation caused by the coverage of base stations in neighboring cities, the travel card is set to satisfy the judgment condition of staying for 4 hours. Therefore, the earliest – latest call or traffic usage logs need to span more than 4 hours in a day (say, once at 7 a.m. and once at 12 noon) to meet the requirements.

In addition, there is a certain time difference between the synchronization of user information and the calculation of the itinerary, usually there will be a delay of 1-2 days. If you still can not query the itinerary, please contact the customer service of the operator:

  • China Telecom 10000
  • China Mobile 10086
  • China Unicom 10010

Q: Why can’t I receive SMS verification code or prompt “Sending SMS failed”?

You can judge by the following questions:

  • Is there a software on your phone that blocks SMS reception?
  • Is the phone out of credit?
  • Is the network signal in your current location good?

In addition, if it is a peak period of time may be due to a short amount of requests caused by excessive traffic congestion (such as rush hours), it is recommended to wait for a period and then try again.

If the above problems are solved and you still cannot receive the verification code, please contact the customer service of the operator immediately. In addition, it is recommended to download the “Travel Itinerary Card” mobile phone APP from here.

Q: How often is the itinerary information on the itinerary card updated?

Every morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, the first 14 days of data will be updated. The journey calculation of the user in the first 14 days is completed in the background of the operator to which the user belongs, and the result will be delayed by one day.

For example, on September 15, the query is the travel data in the 14 days before September 15th (between 12:00 AM on Sept. 1 and 12: AM, Sept. 14).

Q: How do I change my phone number?

If the mobile phone number you want to check your itinerary is not the same as the phone number that automatically pops up, Need to close the default pop-up phone number query pop-up window, and then in the login interface to enter the current want to query the new phone number, the first login to the new mobile phone number need to input the verification code to query.