Taiwan loosens up COVID-19 quarantine measures for inbound travelers

Taiwan will additionally loosen up the COVID-19 counteraction measures for inbound traveling, shortening from seven days to three days, trailed by a four-day self-monitoring, the island’s CDC declared last Saturday.

The new guideline will be carried out beginning from Wednesday June 15, said the organization, adding that the number of inbound travelers will be restricted at 25,000 every week.

The COVID-19 anticipation convention for inbound outings was beforehand 10 days of concentrated quarantine or home separation, trailed by seven days of self-health monitoring. The time of isolation was abbreviated to seven days from May 9.

Taiwan recorded 79,598 COVID-19 cases and 211 new deaths on Friday, said the organization.

Until this point in time, Taiwan has detailed 2,841,696 affirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 2,828,220 were local cases.