China Visa Policy In India: Updates!

Chinese Embassy in India

The Chinese Embassy has updated the China visa policy in India starting from 13 June, 2022 as follows:

1. Scope of Service

  1. Foreign nationals and their accompanying family members going to China for resumption of work and production in all fields.
  2. The family members of Chinese citizens and foreigners with Chinese permanent residence permit going to China for family reunion or visiting relatives.

“Family members” refers to: spouse, parents, spouse’s parents, children, spouses of children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren.

Note 1: Visa applications are temporarily suspended for tourism and other private purposes .

Note 2: Visa applications continue to be processed for foreign nationals and their accompanying family members who will engage in diplomatic, official activities in China or meet the conditions of courtesy visa, foreign crew members, and foreign nationals going to China for humanitarian reasons, such as attending a funeral or visiting family members with critical disease.

2. Application Procedure

  1. Please visit the website of Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi ( and fill in your detailed and true information on the online application form and the confirmation page. Then make an appointment with your application form number following the system instructions. And bring all the required documents to the Visa Center in New Delhi or the Chinese Embassy in India at your appointment time.
  2. The Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi only accepts visa applications from Indian citizens holding ordinary passports or citizens of a third country holding Indian long-term residence or work permits who reside in the consular district of the Chinese Embassy in India.

Information of the Visa Center in New Delhi:

  • Address: Concourse Floor, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001 India.
  • Tel: 91-9999036735

For more details regarding application materials and processing time, please visit this link.

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