Hong Kong SAR: Suspension of the flights circuit breaker with immediate effect

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong SAR government announced on July 7 that after a preliminary examination of data and scientific analysis, Considering that more frequent nucleic acid testing for arrivals would be more effective in blocking the importation of cases, it was decided to suspend the “fusing mechanism” of individual routes from now on until further notice.

The policy consisted of imposing a five-day flight route ban if at least five passengers – or five per cent of travelers, whichever is higher – test positive for Covid-19 upon arrival.

The original goal of the scheme was to prevent the importation of COVID-19 infections from individual high-risk areas in a short period of time, the government said on Thursday.

Currently banned flights can now resume their service, they added.

Hong Kong will now require arrivals to have an additional PCR test on day 3 when they are quarantined in designated quarantine hotels.

Counting the test before departure, travelers will have to take six PCR tests over a period of 14 days.

But the bad news is that a lot of quarantine hotels are already sold out for the summer.