US Department of Transportation suspends 26 flights to China from USA by 4 Chinese Airlines

The US Department of Transportation issued a statement on Thursday that it would suspend 26 flights to China from USA by four Chinese transporters because of the CAAC circuit breaker.

The decision will affect the following flights of Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and XiamenAir beginning Sept. 5 and going through Sept. 28:

FlightRouteSuspension Dates
CA770Los Angeles
Sep 6, Sep 13, Sep 20, and Sep 27
CA988Los Angeles
Sep 18, and Sep 25
MU588New York
Sep 7, Sep 12, Sep 14, Sep 19, Sep 21, Sep 26, and Sep 28
CZ328Los Angeles
Sep 10, Sep 12, Sep 17 and Sep 19
MF830Los Angeles
Sep 5, Sep 8, Sep 12, Sep 15, Sep 19, Sep 22, and Sep 26

According to Reuters, the spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the US made a statement calling the move by the USDOT as “extremely irresponsible” and “groundlessly suspended Chinese airline flights”.

The embassy said the the CAAC circuit breaker measures are fair, transparent, applied to Chinese and foreign airlines alike, and consistent with bilateral air transport agreements.

Since the pandemic outbreak, China and the United States have been constantly in dispute over the issue of flights suspension.