PCR Test Requirements for flights to China from the United Arab Emirates with Emirates

Emirates Airbus A380

In this article, we will detail the pre-departure testing regulations for flights to China from the United Arab Emirates with Emirates (Flight EK362 in this case).

Requirements from the Chinese consulate in Dubai

On September 28, 2002, the Chinese consulate in Dubai has updated the requirements of PCR tests and HS/HDC QR Code application for China-bound passengers flying from the UAE which can be summarized as follows:

  • All China-bound passengers (including long-term residents in the UAE, employees of Chinese enterprises, short-term visitors from China, and passengers from a third country) are required take two PCR tests in the UAE.
  • The first PCR test should be taken within 48 hours prior to boarding a flight, and the second test within 24 hours prior to boarding a flight. These two PCR tests should be conducted at two different testing providers in the UAE with different reagents and the interval between each test should be more than 24 hours.
  • The testing providers accredited by the local health departments in the UAE.

For more details, you may check here.

Passengers can then obtain a health code with HS (for Chinese nationals) or HDC (for foreigner nationals) logo before they can proceed with the third PCR test. Once they get a negative result, they will then be able to check-in.

Third PCR test before boarding

All the passengers flying to China on flight EK362, except infants under the age of 1 year old), must arrive to the designated area at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 on the day before the flight departure between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM to complete the third PCR test.

1. Sampling Time

  • Sampling must take place the day before departure between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM. For example, if the EK362 departure is on October 30 then the sampling must be done on October 29 between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM).
  • Airport stuff will be available on site to provide passengers with information and guidance on the pre-boarding PCR tests.

2. Testing location

The testing will take place at the car park of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

3. Testing Cost

  • The cost of the third PCR test is AED 150.00 per person and must be paid by the passenger to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) present on site.
  • The payment can be done via cash or international debit/credit card (MasterCard or Visa is recommended)

4. Check-in Process

  • After the sampling, the third PCR test result will be available within 4~5 hours.
  • The Emirates staff will direct passengers that completed the sampling to a designated area of the car park in order to wait.
  • Once the results are available, passengers will get an SMS notification on their pre-registered phone numbers. After obtaining the paper-certificate of the PCR test negative results, passengers can then go to the designated check-in counter to proceed with the check-in.
  • The Emirates staff will check all the documents, issue boarding passes, and guide the passengers through the immigration procedures and boarding.
  • If the tests results are positive, then the passengers will be directed to follow the isolation procedures of the Dubai Health Authority.